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Monde arabe

Monde arabe

Pierre PICCININ da PRATA (Historien - Politologue)


Universiteit Gent

 Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Department for Conflict and Development Studies




Lezing : 'Syrie, de la révolution au djihad?'


    Pierre PICCININ da PRATA


(13 - 03 - 2013 : 11.30 - 13.30)




Lecture by Pierre Piccinin da Prata, political scientist, historian and publicist, and author and maker of the book and documentary ‘La bataille d’Alep. Chronique de la révolution syrienne’.


Pierre Piccinin da Prata will share his views on the causes and evolution of the events in Syria so far, and on any developments that may or may not take place in the country by the time of the lecture. 


This lecture takes place in the framework of the course 'Current affairs of the global South' which is organized by the Department for Conflict and Development Studies under the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.


Those interested who do not usually follow the course are welcome to this session.


Le conférencier s’exprimera en Français. The speaker will speak in French.


More info : Universiteit Gent




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  Jaquette Documentaire La bataille d'Alep - L'Harmattan - ReCliquez sur l'image pour accéder aux informations sur le DVD